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How I got started into RC


How I got started into RC.
As a child I loved RC cars and one of my first RC cars was the Nikko Turbo Panther and some other cars. I drove it a lot until one day I took it a part and I never got it build again. Today I have a big collection of them 🙂
I dreamed about getting a real professional RC car, with servo steering, but at that time they were very expensive. So my only way to get near this great hobby was at the local library there was 1 or 2 books and I read them over and over. Then time went by and I got older and I forgot all about RC cars, many other things to do in life as young boy.

Then in 2004 I visited a local gadget shop and for the first time I saw a Auldey Race-tin car. the car was modified and I remember when I lifted up the car, that I was suprised how heavy it was, this car was not just a ordinary toy car, it was modified for for speed.

Some days after, still thinking about the Race-tin car, I decided to go into the shop and bought me one, a Auldey Race-tin Nissan Silvia and, with a pistol remote and I had a blast of fun driving it. First I felt a little silly, as a grown up, driving a small toy car, but later I didn’t care. This experience woke something up in me and I was hooked.  I started to follow some Race-tin forums and soon I had more Race-tin cars and other RC cars.

This was the beginning for me and now I still drive RC cars, all kind of them, 1/6, 1/10 1/24, and ofcourse I still have fun with the small tin racers cars.

Thank you for reading