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Getting started – Part 1 – The 130 Motor

Getting started – Part 1 – The 130 Motor


Getting started – Part 1 – The 130 Motor.
A DIY guide for the beginner.

The motor is one of the main components in a rc car. The motor that is used in a Race-tin car, is a Mabuchi style motor, model 130. (FA-130RA) The motor is standard and good for some fun driving, but if you want more speed for racing, you need a more power full motor or you need to modify the standard motor.

There are many motors available on the market to choose from and the prices vareiy a lot. Some of the most known names is Tamiya, they are known for their motors for Mini 4WD racing. The most known motor Tamiya have produced is the Plasma Dash Motor.

Another name is Mabuchi, they are the world’s number one manufacturer of small electric motors and you can find Mabuchi motors in almost any kind of electric toys today. There also a lot of “no name” motors out there and the quality varies.

Different Race-tin Motors – Picture Copyrighted by Mikael Madsen 2015.
Different Race-tin Motors – Picture Copyrighted by Mikael Madsen 2015.

Some motors are build for speed and have a high RPM (Revolution Per Minute) and others are build for torque. A high speed motor in your car dont necessary mean that your car will be fast, many other elements need to be fitting. Like the battery source, the electronics, gearing and wheels.

So how do you start? One way is to get the most power out of the standard motor that came with your car. You can change the brushes, the magnets or even rewind the motor. You can also keep the motor like it is and add more power to the car, by adding a ekstra 1,5 volt battery, so you car in total have 4,5 volt, this will give your motor some more power and you car will get more speed. But do this at your own risk, not all cars can handle the extra volt.

Or you can buy two or three motors and try to see what motor perform best with your car, but before you do that you need more power to drive the motor. So make a setup plan for you car, how much are you willing to cost on your car? speed cost money, so how fast do you wanna go? What type of racing do you plan to race? Drag racing or circuit racing?

What modify parts are availble where you live, you can buy many parts online, but some parts are getting more difficult to get, like relays, gears and other parts.

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