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FAQ – Tin Racers

FAQ – Tin Racers
We have here collected the most frequently asked questions ragarding tin racers.
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What is the name of the cars?
The cars are made by different companies and therefore They have different names, like Radi-can, Race-tin, Dark Horse, New Qida and the car have many nick names, like can car, tin car. Here on this website we use the terms, tin racer and tin racers.

What is a tin racer, Race-tin car?
A tin racer is a simple toy car, 12-14 cm long. The cars comes in a plastic can, where the lid is the remote. The cars comes in the scales 1/32 – 1/28.

Where can I buy these cars?
We recommend you to search on Ebay
You can also try your local supermarket or local toy shop, they often sell cheaper toys and some can be similar to the tin cars.

How fast can I make my car drive, if I modify it?

It depends on your car, but tin cars like the obes you fin on our site, can be modified to run up to 70 Km/h but on a mini RC dyno, the Tamiya Mini 4WD Speed Checker.

Can these cars really drive up to 70 km/h?
Yes they can, but only if your car is modified and driving on a mini R/C dyno like the Tamiya Mini 4WD Speed Checker.

What skills do I need to modify my car?
You need to know how to solder and you need basic skills about electronics, you can info here on CarMoWorld or on the internet.