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Race-tin Wheels – AMG Style

Here are some really cool wheels, that will make any car look good. Made by Custom HG – AMG Style 94847 The wheels are made for TAMIYA MINI 4WD, but can also be used for Race-tin cars. You can buy them at Jeff’s Hobby Toys HERE

Race-tin Wheels – Volk Racing TE37

Race-tin Wheels – Volk Racing TE37 – Here is some cool aluminium Volk Racing TE37 wheels – Style 94733 – CUSTOM HG Aluminum Low Profile Wheels. They are made for the Tamiya 4WD cars, but they will also fit Race-tin cars. They comes in the colors: Chrome, red, grey, pink and gold. You can buy […]

Auldey Race-tin Cars

The Auldey Race-tin Cars. The Race-tin car is manufactured by the Chinese toy company, Auldey Toy Industry Co., Ltd. The company was founded in 1993, and have a product line with over 1000 different categories, including RC toy cars and digital series. The first versions of the Race-tin cars was produced in 2000, A product […]

Tin Car – Show Car Competition 2016

Tin Car – Show Car Competition 2016 We are announcing the Show Cars Competition 2016. 1. Price: Trophy and 1 Auldey Race-tin. 2. Price: Auldey Race-tin. 3. Price: Motor and spare parts for Auldey Race-tin Sign up now, contact us in the contact section. More info will be posted later….

Beetle Power – รถกระป๋อง ลงชุดไฟเรือ

Beetle Power – รถกระป๋อง ลงชุดไฟเรือ

Race-tin Chassis Types

Race-tin Chassis Types – The Race-tins V1 and v2 cars, comes with 3 different chassis types, here is a list of them. Audi TT (>>>) Beetle (>>>) BMW 3 (W[B]) Chevrolet Bel-Air (>>>) Ferrari (>>>) Ford Focus (W[F]) Honda S2000 (W[B]) Mercedes (>>>) Mercedes CLK (W[F]) Mini (>>>) Mitsubishi Lancer (W[B]) Mitsubishi Pajero (>>>) Nissan […]

How I got started into RC

How I got started into RC. As a child I loved RC cars and one of my first RC cars was the Nikko Turbo Panther and some other cars. I drove it a lot until one day I took it a part and I never got it build again. Today I have a big collection […]