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Can we put a turbo?
The most perceptive will have noticed that the TX2X / RX2C chipset has a tab for each direction (front, back, left and right, there are two that follow is good), but also a tab called “Turbo “. Indeed, this chipset has many functions, one of which is not used in Race-Tin.
 Never mind: with a little imagination, we can quickly make this function “Turbo” on demand. The manipulation is relatively simple (there are pre-assembled kits) and relies, once again, on relays. In fact, imagining that the relay-based circuit has already been made, a third relay will be used according to the same principle, but draining the current from a new source. Yes, using a Turbo connected to the 2 basic batteries is of little interest. It will therefore add a new compartment for 1 or 2 additional batteries. This modification although simple in principle, still requires the welding of a new button on the remote, which can be delicate …
An example of realization

 List of components needed to complete the following example:
3 relays 3V 6 pins
1 transistor C1815 or BC546
1 resistance of 1kΩ
3 diodes 1N4148 for the car
2 diodes 1N4148 for the remote control (no need for the “gun” command)
1 battery box for 1 or 2 batteries
1 small push button