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Auldey Race-tin Cars

Auldey Race-tin Cars


The Auldey Race-tin Cars.

The Race-tin car is manufactured by the Chinese toy company, Auldey Toy Industry Co., Ltd. The company was founded in 1993, and have a product line with over 1000 different categories, including RC toy cars and digital series.

The first versions of the Race-tin cars was produced in 2000, A product line of 18 different models.
The first Race-tin cars was not licensed but replicas of known cars, with invented names like the Morris Mini got the name Blaze Rover and the Ferrari Look-alike got the name Faraly Stallion. Here are the names.

Nissan Silvia – Max Odin
Mercedes – Super-Speed
Toyota Supra – Tiger
Honda – Fast
Ford Focus – Apparition
Morris Mini – Blaze/Rover
Pajero – Discoverer